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World Gaming Day : 22nd October 2022

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Join us on 22 October 2022 for World Gaming Day

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  • Leukaemia Care



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How Do I Host on World Gaming Day?

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What's a Gaming Day?

Invite your mates, play your favourite games and encourage them to donate to your page. Have food and your favourite drinks and just enjoy doing something you all love - gaming!

We would love to see what you get up to on your Gaming Day, so make sure to tag us using #WorldGamingDay

Don't worry, we'll give you loads of help to create an epic World Gaming Day event

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World Gaming Day is an opportunity to meet up with your friends, play games and raise money for charity. Across the UK, people will be holding Gaming Days – what will you be doing for yours?

There is no sign-up cost for hosting on World Gaming Day but you might want to get some drinks and snacks in for when everyone comes round. You might also want to pop the first donation on your page and encourage your friends and family to donate to your page too.

Signing up to World Gaming Day is simple. Simply click ‘Sign up’ to create a page and fundraise for Leukaemia Care.

If you want to fundraise for another charity click here. In your welcome email you will receive a selection of video invitations which you can send to your friends, family and colleagues.

Each charity can set their own fundraising targets. If you are fundraising for our headline partner, Leukaemia Care, then there isn’t a goal – just raise as much as you can. If you invite four mates and they all throw in £10 each, that’s £50 you’ve raised!

Why not? Children are more than welcome to take part but will need an adult to set up their fundraising page.

Yes! Although the official gaming day is on Saturday 22nd October 2022, you could choose to do a gaming day at any point!

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